Attention Virginia Workers’ Compensation Claims Administrators!

Did you know that on February 23, 2021, the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Organizations (WCIO) approved a new “nature of injury” code for the reporting of vaccination injuries?  The new code 38 is to be used when reporting adverse vaccine reactions.  There is also an expanded “cause” code 82 which now specifically includes vaccination.  The Commission’s EDI system will be ready to accept these new codes beginning March 8, 2021. The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission announcement regarding these new EDI data points can be found here.

Just as we have been faced with new challenges in workers’ compensation with the COVID-19 pandemic, we also face new challenges in relation to vaccine rollout.  What are the pros and cons of mandating a vaccinated workplace?  What constitutes a vaccination injury?  How do we protect our employees and insureds from exposure and injury, and how do we decide what is compensable?  PennStuart is here to answer these questions and guide our clients through these complex issues and decisions.  Please contact Kari Lou Frank at for additional information or to inquire about the specific services you need.